When it comes to our children there’s pretty much nothing we wouldn’t do to keep them safe, healthy and happy. The moment I found out I was pregnant I had a million things running through my mind about what kind of mom I would be and how I was going to keep this perfect little human safe in the world.

Having a healthy child is every parents dream and it just breaks my heart that some families have to go through the tragedy of illness with their children or loved ones.

Both of my sisters have kids and one of the first things they mentioned to me when I was chatting to them about all my thoughts and worries is that they both had the stem cells of their children collected at birth and cryogenically frozen with a company called CryoSave. I went on to do my own research and was AMAZED at the process and what your child’s own stem cells can potentially do for them in the treatment of many diseases and illnesses.

Here is some literature from the CryoSave website that explains the difference between umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue which I found super interesting.

“Stem cells are referred to as the basic building blocks of the body. They can replicate and renew themselves and have the potential to become almost any other type of cell in the body. Stem cells are found, for example, in bone marrow, peripheral blood and in umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue as well as in many other tissues in the body. They are ‘master’ cells from which all of the various types of blood cells, as well as tissue in bone, muscle, heart, liver, kidney, skin etc develop.”

“Umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue is a very rich source of stem cells.”

“The umbilical cord blood is rich in haematopoietic (blood forming) stem cells and is approved for treatment of certain blood diseases. Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation currently plays a vital role in the treatment of diseases such as bone marrow failure, leukemia, lymphoma, other types of blood cancers, inherited blood and metabolic disorders, and immune-deficiency syndromes. To date, over 80 types of diseases have been treated with cord blood stem cells.”

“In the umbilical cord tissue is a gelatinous substance which functions as the primary connective tissue of the umbilical cord, referred to as Wharton’s Jelly. This cord tissue contains a type of stem, the mesenchymal stem cell, often referred to as the regenerative stem cell. These cells are excellent candidates for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering applications. Stem cells from umbilical cord tissue have the potential to promote healing and enable the repair of diseased or injured tissue.”

The process was so seamless from start to finish. We made contact with CryoSave through their online platform and they responded to our query that very same day and we got the ball rolling. After discussing which package we wanted to take they sent through an application form for us to fill in and we had our stem cell collection kit sent to us a few days later. This was the box that we had to take with us to the hospital and give to our gynecologist to take with him to theatre on the day of the birth. We opted for the Core Option which is their most popular option and this includes collection, processing and storage of core and blood tissue, viability testing, courier costs and local storage of 20 years with the first 5 years free.

As soon as the baby is out they allow a few seconds for the umbilical cord to pulsate to allow blood through and then when the umbilical cord is cut they take some blood and also some umbilical cord tissue and place it in the sterile collection box which is then immediately sealed. Once I was back in my room after a little while in the recovery ward we called CryoSave and they had their driver come and collect the box within a couple of hours to take straight to their laboratory and storage facility where the stem cells were then processed and cryogenically frozen. MAGIC!!!

They made the whole experience so easy and the fact that we now have peace of mind knowing our little boys stem cells are safe is priceless!

There are a few different package options to choose from depending on your personal requirements and budget so for anyone wanting more information on CryoSave you can go visit their website https://www.cryo-save.co.za/


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Maintaining a Healthy Mind

Lockdown life.

What month are we in? Year? I feel a little like this year has both flown by yet I feel I can’t remember what life was like before we entered this Covid century 🙂

There’s so much each of us as individuals are trying to navigate. Business and livelihood. Health and safety. Family and sanity.

I quite honestly, although always very grateful for teachers, never really understood the energy that they require to do their job well with consistent patience and nurture – even when you aren’t getting “back” the response you’d like to see. Man alive, what an eye opener it’s been home schooling my kiddies.

This is one reason I’m so keen to be trying Xcel for the next month or so. My kiddies and I are all different – my son needs more assistance with concentration and I have had some mental fatigue after a day of home school and anxiety around Corona-feels.

I genuinely believe in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Feeding your body with a nutritional eating plan and by default your brain with powerful natural fuels. It’s fundamental for an active, energetic and happy lifestyle.

Taking Xcel on top of a well balanced diet, loads of water for hydration and good quality sleep allows for that optimal brain health!

That includes switching off all technology and allowing your brain to fully rest before your head hits the pillow.

Meditation, for as little as 5mins before you sleep helps calm your mind too. Releases stress you may be carrying from the days events. Stress is so bad for your brain, literally can kill brain cells!

Exercise. Guys, I cannot stress this enough. 30mins of activity 6 days a week helps release endorphins which as I’m sure most of you know, is the happy hormone. Other than being physiologically good for you, it’s unbelievable for mental health too.

High omegas and low saturated fats in your diet is also so important. Leafy greens, berries, grains, avocado and fish are all excellent for brain health and function.

Combining all these things with a balanced lifestyle should create the best version of YOU and set your future self up with the healthiest life journey….

Stay Healthy


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Hi Lovelies

Winter has officially hit us and we’re always thinking of nice ways to entertain ourselves when the weather doesn’t play along with being outdoors and what better way to spend a morning or afternoon than at the spa pampering yourself to the max! We searched the internet for the best spa deals in town and came across Cayenne Spa at The Pepperclub Hotel in Loop Street (Cape Town) who have some awesome specials running for winter. We’ll tell you more about the specials later 😉

Cindi and I decided to meet a little early for some brunch at Ruby’s Bakery & Cafe which is situated on the ground floor of the hotel and it really was so lovely. They have a nice extensive menu to choose from and the most insane sweet treats if you’re in the mood for something decadent. We opted for their delicious bagels where I had my all time favourite combo of tuna mayo with extra gherkins and Cindi stuck to her all time favourite of smoked salmon and cream cheese…..and let me just tell you that they definitely did not disappoint.

After we satisfied our food cravings we made our way up to the Cayenne Spa which is tucked away on the 8th floor of the hotel where we were greeted by a team of beautiful ladies ready and waiting for our arrival with a glass of bubbles and some chocolate covered strawberries for the win.

Cindi and I booked the “Bring Your Bestie Package” which is 2 hours 30 minutes of pure bliss! With this package you receive a 60 minute Full Body Aromatherapy Massage, Deluxe Manicure OR Deluxe Pedicure and a Dermalogica Pro Skin 30 Skin Treatment….all of this for only R2500 per couple!!! We quite literally felt like we were in heaven and walked out of there feeling like we’d taken the whole day off we were so relaxed.

When we said they have some amazing specials for winter we weren’t joking so here they all are.

Treatment time: 2 hours
Treatment price: R985 pp
* 60 minute full body hot stone massage
* 30 minute rejuvenating deep cleansing facial with steam
* 30 minute pressure point foot massage with heated stones

* 50% off Manicures & Pedicures


* 50% off Full Body Massage

* 30% off All Packages

All of these specials are running until the 31st of August 2019, so be sure not to miss out.

They also have amazing packages which run throughout the year which are as follows:

Treatment time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Treatment price: R1500 per person
* Full Body Hot Stone Massage
* Indian Head Scalp Massage
* Dermalogica Pro Skin 30 Treatment
* Express Manicure or Pedicure

Treatment time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Treatment price: R1300 per person
* Coffee and Mint Wrap with a Lymph Drainage Massage on Legs and Feet
* Back Massage
* Deluxe Manicure or Pedicure
* Dermalogica Pro Skin 30 Treatment

Treatment time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Treatment price: R2100 per person
* Full Body Exfoliation and Body Wrap
* Full Body Aromatherapy Massage
* Deluxe Manicure or Pedicure
* Dermalogica Pro Skin 60 Treatment

Treatment time: 3 hours
Treatment price: R3800 per couple
* Full Body Exfoliation and Body Wrap
* Full Body Shea Butter Massage
* Balancing Scalp and Foot Reflexology
* Dermalogica Pro Skin 30 Treatment

Treatment time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Treatment price: R2500 per person
* Full Body Deep Tissue Massage
* Deep Cleansing Skin Treatment
* Deluxe Pedicure
* Indian Head Scalp Massage
* Foot Reflexology

Then there’s the individual treatment menu to choose from if you don’t have the time to do one of their packages, so head over to the Cayenne Spa website where you can view their full spa menu. (Link below)


Their other contact details should you have any further questions you may want ask are as follows:

Email: cayennespa@pepperclub.co.za
Tel: (021) 812 8812

They’re open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm , booking is essential and use of the sauna is also complimentary with every booking which is great, so now all you have to do is pick your favourite and get ready for a pamper session of note!

Much Love


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We all believe in a healthy lifestyle, ensuring that we eat clean and exercise regularly. It’s important to change things up in your daily routine thus making sure your body doesn’t become too complacent with what you’re doing and so we’re always looking for new, fun and exciting ways to burn those calories 🙂 When BODYTEC approached us to come and experience EMS training we absolutely jumped at the opportunity to give it a whirl.

So what is EMS training?

Electro Muscle Stimulation is a full body workout that doesn’t only target one specific muscle group. During EMS training, up to 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously and the muscle contractions are of higher quality and more intense than a voluntary exertion can do alone. Compared to conventional weight training, EMS training activates deeper muscle groups which leads to better balance amongst the muscles in the body and increased core stability.

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Oh how we miss the island life……we’ve only been back for 2 weeks and we’re dreaming of our next trip already. Mauritius is just so magical, and holds some really special memories for us. Whilst planning our recent girl’s trip we went on the search for the perfect beach bag and we found it!!! We give you the amazing Lauprene Beach Bag which comes in 6 stunning colours, is beyond beautiful and was a great addition to our holiday. 

Lauprene bags are both sophisticated and stylish at the same time. They are super multi-functional and can be used as a beach bag, travel bag, a stylish nappy bag or even a gym bag.

We loved the small detachable purse made of the same material that comes standard with each bag which can be used to store those smaller items you may have.

Designed in Durban, South Africa, the bags are manufactured from perforated ”wet suit” fabric known as Neoprene. This gives the bag a light-weight feel and what’s fab is that it’s also water resistant.

Order online at www.lauprene.co.za, or visit the website to check your nearest stockist.

What more can we say other than we absolutely love our Lauprene bags. Bring on Summer!!!

Much Love



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It’s such fun when the three of us get together, especially when we get to throw in some work and get our creative ideas flowing…
We were lucky enough to have ghd join us for this shoot and work some individual magic on each of us.
We, as sisters are very close but are so individual in our sense of style and taste and that goes beyond our clothes and into our hair and make up preferences.
Me, I tend to be a little less is more and to be totally honest with you – I’m a lazy “hair person”. The least effort it takes for my hair the happier I am 🙂 and even if it requires more effort, I like it to look as naturally styled as possible… I have both the ghd Gold Styling Iron and the Curling Iron. I personally find the curling iron easier to use at home to achieve the tossled, wavy look but I think the original iron if used by a stylist has an amazing finish… The trick is to change direction of the hair around the wand every other curl – keeps it less structured and over styled. My hair is quite fine and straight straight, so I need a bit of volume at the roots and the wave gives my hair more body.


Cindi ~ On a normal day to day basis I often straighten my hair with the ghd Gold and wear it up in a high ponytail for work, so it’s out of my face but I absolutely love when my hair has a soft wave/curl to it. For our tutorial with the ghd team I wanted to create a cool festival look, incorporating a soft wave and this fish tail plait which is a great fun style. Change it up and create a crown with the plait.

Tracy: I’m absolutely obsessed with boho chic and that spills over into hairstyles aswell. I spend most of my life with my hair straightened (using my trusty ghd OBVIOUSLY haha) because I actually have curly hair and I’ve always felt just that little bit undone when I don’t have my hair straight. I wanted the ghd team to create a style that could easily be done with straight hair to give it that little bit of something extra that one could wear for both daytime and night time without changing a thing except your wardrobe.



Bottom line is, ghd has pretty much got something for everyone and have cool tutorials online to help teach you the technique you need to achieve the style you want.



Happy Hair!

Love us



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There’s nothing better than stepping out for the day or night knowing that your makeup is on point and you look fabulous! My sisters and I have always spoken about how much we’d love to learn how to contour our faces properly using all the right products and this led us to team up with CATRICE by Cosmetix South Africa for a little tutorial. We love CATRICE due to the fact that they have really amazing products which are super affordable for everyone to use. WINNING!

Contouring your face helps to define your features, creating the appearance of higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose and chin all whilst trying to make it look as natural and polished as possible.

You want to start by prepping your skin so make sure you remove any makeup, wash your face and pat dry with a towel. Apply your favourite moisturizer and let it soak in for a few minutes before you start applying your makeup.

Using a foundation the same (or close) colour to your skin evens out your skin tone and creates a perfect base you can build upon to contour with the lighter and darker shades. Contouring your face without applying foundation first is more difficult since the skin tends to be slightly uneven in colour.

TIP: La’eeqa told us to try not mix cream and powders so if your foundation is cream based then use cream based products for highlighting and your darker tones for the areas you want to create shadows with. Make sure that you have a really great blending brush or sponge so that everything blends evenly. With that said, I sometimes find it easier to just use my fingers to apply my foundation and blend because the warmth from your fingers will help the makeup blend smoothly.


Apply your base coat of foundation which is the one in your natural skin tone all over your face stretching all the way to the top of your forehead to under your chin and onto the neck so that you have no lines separating your face from your neck. You can apply a concealer at this point aswell focusing under the eyes if you’re worried about dark circles and any unwanted spots you may want to cover.


Apply a lighter foundation (never going more than 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone) to places on your face where the sun would naturally hit.

Here’s how you want to apply your lighter foundation:

• In the centre of your forehead
• Along the top of your brown lines
• Along the bridge of your nose
• On the apples of your cheeks
• On your Cupid’s bow
• In the centre of your chin


Apply the darker foundation (also no more than 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone) to the places where your face would be naturally shadowed from the sun. A good tip is to work in the form of a 3 starting from the centre of your forehead, going towards your temples, then back in under your cheekbones and back out again towards your ear finishing off under the jawbone to the centre of the face.

Here’s how you want to apply your darker foundation:
• In the centre of your face right below your hairline on the forehead
• On the right and left sides of your forehead, near your hairline on either side
• In the hollows of your cheek
• Along your jawline on both sides from your ears to the centre of your chin
• Along the right and left sides of your nose



Blend your makeup well using your blending brush, sponge or your fingers but take care not to spread things out too much as you want it to kind of stay in the areas it’s intended for. You want to make sure that you can’t see any sharp lines between the different coloured foundations.


If you want to add a little more highlighter to your face to enhance the look then you can at this point. Focus on the areas where you applied the lighter foundation to start off with. Be careful not to use too much highlighter though as you don’t want to look like a glistening mirror ball- haha!


To add a bit of colour to your face you can always apply some blusher to the apples of your cheeks but always remember that less if more when it comes to blush so take it easy.


Another fantastic tip that we learnt from La’eeqa is to finish off your contouring process with a makeup setting spray to keep everything in place and make your makeup last. If you’re using cream based foundations then a matte setting powder works like a charm to seal everything in for that flawless finish.


Once your foundation is set you can move on to your eye makeup, lips and brows. I always stick to the rule of “heavy eye, light lip” or “light eye, bold lip” because if you do both a heavy eye and bold lip one tends to look VERY overdone. Apply some natural eyeshadow colours and eyeliner if you want and then finish it off with loads of mascara (making sure you don’t have clumps) to open up your eyes. Try keep your brows as natural as possible whilst still having them defined because a great shaped brow can really change your whole face. I personally prefer using eyebrow pencils as I feel I can control my angles more but using a great eyebrow brush with powder is also absolutely perfect.

Finishing touch…

Bang on some lip colour and a splash of gloss and you’re good to go!!

Until next time Beauties!



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The Chelsea Spa and Clinic is a beauty sanctuary, devoted to beauty and well being. I was treated to a lovely morning of pampering by the lovely Melanie, who was not only my beauty therapist but the owner of The Chelsea Spa and Clinic. I received the crème de la crème of treatments, custom made to what my skin needed and my current beauty concerns.

We started what was to be an amazing chain of events with Body Sculpting using the Alma Accent laser machine with Glycerine. Glycerine is a humectant that can be naturally derived from plant oils. It was used as a protective layer to prevent moisture loss. She did this because my skin was inflamed and dry and it would help balance my skin before Melanie started with the facial.

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Its a new year and most of us have started work already. The relaxation of the festive season and holidays seem like a distant memory, and you’re already wanting a timeout from it all, so why not pop into McQueens Boutique Spa and Blostyle Bar in Sea Point. Kerry and I popped in just before Christmas for a little R&R and a good pamper session before the festive season hit us.

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We often come across items that WE LOVE be it health products, great books, fashion items, beauty products or cool gadgets so we’ve decided that we want to start sharing “What We Love” with all of you 🙂 Each WWL post will feature our favourite products of the moment that we just can’t live without and we’re hoping that it will inspire you to give some of them a try and  give us your feedback on what you thought of them 😉

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