We often come across items that WE LOVE be it health products, great books, fashion items, beauty products or cool gadgets so we’ve decided that we want to start sharing “What We Love” with all of you 🙂 Each WWL post will feature our favourite products of the moment that we just can’t live without and we’re hoping that it will inspire you to give some of them a try and  give us your feedback on what you thought of them 😉



Skoon is a proudly South African range and I absolutely love the Overnight Hydrating Mask ~ Ruby Marine. Its infused with Wakame Marine Extract, Wildflower Honey,Hyaluronic Acid, and my skin feels amazing when I wake up in the morning. www.skoonskin.co.za



I’m absolutely loving these Bio-Dermal Bright Complexion capsules from Pulse Dermatology & Laser. They’re packed with L-Glutathione, Selenium, Alpha Lipoiic Acid, Lecithin, Milkthistle and Vitamin B Complex and work wonders at enhancing the skins luminosity. I’ve seen amazing results in only a few short weeks. www.pulsedermatologyandlaser.com



I absolutely love The Table Butler lamp from Studio19 – designed by Mia Widlake, a complete genius by the way 🙂
Perfect for my contemporary space. I need more!
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We always get excited when we find a new way to slim down before summer and we couldn’t be happier that we found 3-in-1 Liposlim in Greenpoint 🙂 It’s called 3-in-1 Liposlim because there are 3 parts to the treatment being the InBody analysis, the Laser Lipo treatments and then their home care range which is quite fabulous.

Let me start with the InBody analysis which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about your bodys composition. It’s a body scale that measures amounts and percentages of fat, muscle and water throughout the body and also analyzes the lean and fat mass of 5 different regions of the body. Cindi and I both did the the InBody scan before our first Liposlim and Fir Sauna sessions and I must say that I was quite surprised to see that I was carrying a little more fat in certain areas than what I had expected ~ haha ~ so you can imagine that I couldn’t wait to get my ass into the fat busting laser room 🙂 It’s amazing that the InBody scan can also tell the difference between the type of fat you have, like visceral fat which is the fat that surrounds your organs and you never see but is directly associated with obesity. The data from our scans was saved onto the machine so that we could compare our results after just one session. #exciting

We then moved over to the laser treatment room where Amelia assured me that the treatment wasn’t invasive AT ALL and proceeded to strap the laser-emitting paddles to the areas that I wanted to treat/target and said I could completely relax for the next 30 minutes. Perfect! How it works is the laser penetrates 7cm through the skin into the Hypodermis and forces the walls of your fat cells to become temporarily permeable to then drain them of their contents which are excreted by your body via the lymphatic and urinary system.

With most laser lipo treatments they would tell you that you had to exercise after to rid your body of the free fatty acids that were now floating around inside but with 3-in-1 Laserlipo they have an incredible contraption called the Fir Sauna which they say can burn up to 600 calories in just 30 minutes!! The heat produced by the infrared treatment causes the body to sweat which forces the body to release the toxins and burn the fat like you would in a gym session. Using the sauna is important because once the fatty acids are drained from your cells they need to be excreted ASAP otherwise the body just reabsorbs it which defeats the purpose. Amelia said that you can do the Fir Sauna on it’s own as well which is great for skin tightening, relieving muscle tightness and easing joint pain.

It’s important to know that even though you will see results on your InBody scan after your very first session, that you would still need to do several sessions before seeing visible external results. It goes without saying that you should also still maintain a healthy diet and get your booty to the gym if you want to see results even faster.

They have great packages to suit your individual needs and will also advise you on what take home supplements you should use to speed up the process. We thought that a really great start for us was the Maintenance Package which costs R1000 for 2 x Inbody Scans – 4 x Lipo Laser treatments – 4 x Fir Sauna infrared treatments. You should give your body a 2 day break between sessions so we did 4 sessions over a two week period which was great. We also wanted to try some of their home care products and so both decided to go for the LipoSculpt Effervescent which is a powerful combination of plant extracts which helps to block fat storage and speed up the metabolic rate and the Detox Caps which support detoxification through excretion of toxins from the body.

Four treatments down the line and our results speak for themselves….We’ve both lost about 1,5% body fat and centimeters around our tummy and hips which is amazing!

We highly recommend giving 3-in-1 Liposlim Green Point a whirl if you’re looking for something to add to your weekly routine of getting your body summer ready. They also offer LED Mask treatments, spray tanning, massages and to top it all off you can have your nails done too….one stop shop! If you’re in Cape Town then give Amelia and Chantel a call on 021-276 2029 😉

Much love



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New Zealand Part 2:


Onto Dunedin… Down South. Way south.

First stop, and recommended by a friend who lived here, was to vintage shop. Now, my favourite way to shop (and not everyone’s cup of tea) is to trawl 2nd hand designer stores and the vintage kind. Note to self, you need time, a little luck and in my case, a babysitter – paramount to a successful shop! Inside Out on George St is very cool. I love buying local designers in the countries I travel to because it keeps that experience alive in the pieces you wear. Rather that than buying fridge magnets right?

Dunedin has a very rich history being the oldest city in NZ with amazing architecture, so visiting a few of the more tourist spots (especially with kiddies in tow) can teach them a lot.

Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory was a winning idea on mom’s part #justsaying. They have the coolest street art all over the city, buildings high, which I love.

Took a walk up (and down) the steepest residential street in the world, pregnant at the time, mind you! Baldwin Street. Cadburys make giant Jaffas (chocolate orange candies) and race them down here for charity in the month of July.

Baldwin Street, Dunedin

Restaurants to try – Vault 21, love the décor here and they serve Paua fritters – like perlemoen (or abelone) but native to NZ. Right up my alley. I have a vast palate, often to Neil’s horror, I tend to try the most unusual things on the menu when they’re offered. There is a good variety of places to eat in The Octagon in the city.

Vault 21

Number 7 Balmac and Vogel Street Kitchen

Vanguard on Princes St for it’s coffee and healthy board of endless delicious treats and breakfast! Winning.

The Perc Café also served a good coffee and had some interesting bits on the menu like red velvet latte.

The Standard Kitchen – healthy, delicious and fresh.

Esplanade on St Clairs beachfront. The only thing about Dunedin is it’s ability to change from sunshine to raining in roughly 10mins (the equivalent to driving from our hotel to the beach, yes…) which is exactly how we found Esplanade 🙂

One thing I do wish I had, was a car. You need to drive to see the country side of Otago with their wine farms and nature walks that will blow your mind. We did a beautiful local walk through Ross Creek but there are hikes and beaches in this neck of the woods which are definitely worth a visit! Have a look at mapmywalk.com or Dunedin City Council – walking tracks website. So many options…

Ross Creek


This is a great city and we were really lucky we had great weather while we were here… They don’t call their local rugby side The Hurricanes for nothing!

Wellington Waterfront

Our hotel was right on the harbour with great access to the restaurants there and the shops in the city around the corner… Would grab coffee and just walk around the Waterfront.

Cuba Street, is a good place to start – quirky stores, cafes and bars. Great comic book store here called Graphic.

Fidels on Cuba came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint, cool bohemian vibe. Good food.

There are also great vintage 2nd hand stores which as I’ve said before, are my favourite places to shop. I like my bits to be as original as possible. Hunters and Collectors was amazing but there are others in the vicinity and off Cuba St worth a visit too.

Hunters & Collectors

Lambton Quay houses all your high street type stores if you that’s what you’re looking for…

Te Papa Musuem is excellent and hugely insightful! A ride up the Wellington Cable Car for a spectacular view and a walk down through the Botanic Gardens back into the city (only 40 mins) is cool for the kiddies as is Space Place at Carter Observatory – planetarium is great and is just 2 minutes walk from the cable car. I may have visited the Wellington Chocolate Factory too. I know I know…

Charley Noble and Foxglove on the waterfront are great. You can hire bikes or rollerblades and cruise around the Waterfront which goes on and on for 6km/7km. Its a picture.Unfortuantely I was feeling pretty ill on this leg so I didn’t get to visit all the restaurants I wanted to but we walked and took in as much beauty as we could…

In a nutshell, I love NZ. Its just such a beautiful country. Glacial waters and nature hikes to the wine farms. I would love to visit again with a little more freedom (and a little less cricket) and really experience the country and heritage, not just the cities.

Chat again soon…




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It’s all about the sleeve at the moment… ruffled, poofed, flared, embellished, fluffy and the list can go on and on. This trend seems to be taking the fashion world by storm ~ runway by runway and I’m totally on board. I found this fabulous jersey at Zara and thought it was so out there, a definite statement piece but really cool and different at the same time (the sleeves are super soft) so I took a snap in the changing room and sent it to the sisters (as one does) and without hesitation they both said they loved it too. Its a great trend that can be dressed up for a night out on the town or dressed down for comfort. With my busy boys keeping me on my toes I’m all for comfort. I’m very happy to now have to find some space in my wardrobe for this beauty!



Jersey and Jeans: Zara

Photographer: Darren Bester (www.darrenbester.co.za)


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We decided to give suspension yoga a bash at the new Virgin Active Collection gym in the Silo District in Cape Town and let’s just start by saying that this gym is next level great, the crème de la crème as far as gyms go!

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So in keeping with the Meat Free Monday theme we’re bringing you another homemade meat free recipe that you could give a try at home that is quick and easy. We thought a soup would be a nice addition for this chilly weather. This recipe is from the website Café Johnsonia by Lindsey Johnson, it is delicious and super easy.

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There is nothing better than finding a market that has tasty food, good music and a great location. Luckily in Cape Town we are spoilt for choice when it comes to markets, so I thought I would highlight a few in and around the Cape that I love.

The Oranjezicht City Farm Market is no new kid on the block and has been around for quite some time, this however was my first time and I cannot believe I didn’t go sooner. Located in Granger Bay, V&A Waterfront next to The Lookout event venue, it’s the ideal setting for this market as it overlooks the bay, is in walking distance from public transport and has loads of parking. What’s also really fantastic about this market is that it gives local farmers and artisanal food producers a platform to sell and showcase their produce. #localislekker

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We often come across items that WE LOVE be it health products, great books, fashion items, beauty products or cool gadgets so we’ve decided that we want to start sharing “What We Love” with all of you 🙂 Each WWL post will feature our favourite products of the moment that we just can’t live without and we’re hoping that it will inspire you to give some of them a try and  give us your feedback on what you thought of them 😉

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There’s nothing better than going on a little getaway with some of your favourite people 🙂 and if you can find a place that’s exquisitely beautiful then you are winning on all levels. Our choice for our latest getaway was a ‘West Coast Road Trip’ to the gorgeous seaside/lagoon town called, Langebaan. It’s situated about 1 hour 20 minutes from Cape Town along the R27 or West Coast Road as its more aptly known which really is a stunning drive. Even though we’ve been having the worst drought in years, the hills were still green and the ocean was still blue and if you head up the route during spring time then the rolling hills are usually covered in beautiful flowers which makes for an even better drive. Langebaan is jam packed with things to do like sailing, kite-surfing, kayaking and waterskiing, golfing, horseriding, fishing, cycling and so much more so it’s really great for people with kids and without kids. With it being Winter, we thought that we were going to have miserable weather all weekend but it seems that the sun Gods were shining down on us and everyday was warm and sunny which was just delightful.

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