I get so excited when I find new things to try and my latest obsession is Chinese tea ūüôā and the more¬†I’ve been researching it, the more I love the whole thing. Chinese tea culture is rooted deep in tradition, family, respect and daily life which I find so wonderful.¬†I found a really amazing brand called ~ Jasmine Tea Mill ~¬†at my local Chinese supermarket (so I was convinced it must be good ~ haha) and to be honest with you I didn’t even know where to start because there are¬†just so many variations to choose from!

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I absolutely love winter. Snuggling fire side with the family is bliss, but I think what I love most is the winter wardrobe, chunky jerseys, boots, beanies and coats. Ten to one if you see me out and about in winter I will have a coat on, it’s my winter wardrobe staple if you say.

I recently added to the collection this beautiful trench from Studio W at Woolworths, which comes in 4 amazing colours. It is so comfy and light, and the burgundy colour just pops.

Stay warm this winter




Trench: Studio W @ Woolworths

Grey Hoodie: Woolworths

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Woolworth


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Healthy Body

Being pregnant is no easy feat. Really and truly. Making life is not for the faint hearted and anyone who tells you any different hasn’t been through it.¬†

Approaching pregnancy can only be done with a healthy mind, followed by a healthy body… Pregnancy can be a very anxious time whether you’re a first timer or on number 3, like me – a veteran producer of life ūüôā

Quite honestly, and this is the absolute truth, this is probably the most ‘scary’ of all three of my pregnancies. Why you ask, if I’ve been around the block a few times? Numerous reasons. One being exactly that actually – I’ve been around the block a few times! I know what to expect. Age (I am now 35 – ssshhhhh). And knowing that one needs a strong mind to fight cravings so that the recovery (at 35) won’t be too challenging… I had to approach this from the healthiest of places. So, at 30 weeks along and feeling strong (until 5pm when I could fall face first onto my bed) that’s exactly what I have strived to do. So below I have written a very basic personal approach to this pregnancy. Everyone is different but I really believe if you follow a few natural, healthy ideologies, the rest of the time can be spent decorating the nursery ūüôā

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I’ve often found myself saying…..”I wish I started looking after my skin better when I was much younger….” and I’ve come to learn that as much as one should start looking after their skin from as young an age as they can, that it’s never too late to start! I had the privilege of going trough a 3 month skin rejuvenation program with Libi Roos and my skin has never felt better. Libi is from Vredehoek in Cape Town and was recommended to me by some friends of mine who have been going to her for years and have also said that they now¬†can’t live without her TLC. I want to run you through¬†my treatments from start to finish so you can see how I got to my final result….which I’m ecstatic with ūüôā

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I think it’s safe to say that it’s not just¬†a bunch of pretty girls¬†standing up on a stage¬†fighting for their place in some sort of beauty¬†pageant¬†that are the only ones wanting “world peace”¬†~ I¬†believe that most of us on the planet are¬†wishing¬†for the exact same thing and wondering if there’s ever a way we’ll get there. I often hear of people wanting to do good things and give back to their community but they just don’t know how or where to even start……well we’ve found a¬†solution and best of all is that it’s FUN!¬†We give you…..¬†Game For Humanity. The game was conceptualised by Marc Buhrer who was born in Cape Town and who has dabbled in many entrepreneurial ventures over the years coming up with fashion brands that people absolutely loved but this one we have to say takes the cake because it’s all about paying it forward with random acts of kindness and lets be serious, the world most definitely needs more kindness.

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It’s Monday again and that means it’s time for another amazing Meat Free Monday story and we found the most¬†incredible Vegan restaurant called The Hungry Herbivore¬†that we just had to share with you. They’re situated at¬†11¬†Orphan Street in Cape Town which is just off the hustle and bustle of Bree Street and OOOOOMMMMGGGG we cannot even tell you how¬†amazing this place is!!!

One often expects to walk into vegan restaurants and find the atmosphere to be a bit on the “hippie” side of the spectrum but we couldn’t have been more surprised by what we found when we walked into this little gem #hearteyes!!! The founders, Amy and Brent, welcomed us in to the most beautiful space which had a magnificent chandelier¬†spanning most of the ceiling¬†shining the most ambient light over the¬†wooden bar that was¬†wrapped in green faux grass and clovers¬†and the¬†aromas coming out from the¬†kitchen were¬†heavenly!

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So in keeping with the Meat Free Monday theme we thought we would bring you some homemade recipes that you could give a try at home and this one is actually really easy. We found this recipe for a veg-packed stew on Jamie Oliver’s website; we did tweak it ever so slightly, just coz we didn’t have a particular ingredient in the pantry.

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I absolutely love this brand ONEOFEACH, it does help that I am a complete fashion nutter, from clothes to bags to shoes I’m all over it.

So here is a little back ground into ONEOFEACH. Its a mother & daughter design duo based in Cape Town by Tamburai and Pauline Chirume . Pauline is a Fashion designer and contemporary visual artist with over 30 years experience and Tamburai comes from a fashion retail and styling background.

The inspiration behind the start of ONEOFEACH was driven by their love for this continent and to celebrate and share African history to the world,  by creating a luxury product which represents Africa holistically, focusing on premium quality and immaculate finish, ultimately a high end fashion product made in Africa for the world.

The fabrics are sourced from Africa and are combined with leather and suede to make one-of-a-kind handbags, belts and bangles. All the fabrics use traditional methods like wax printing and pit-and-stone dyeing processes from Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Congo-Brazzaville.

They really are a beautiful proudly South African brand. What’s even better is they can deliver internationally.

Go check out their online store www.oneofeach.co.za






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I think it’s quite prevalent that we as South Africans (in particular) eat far more meat than what we should #coverseyes, but then comes the question….can you blame us? We’ll be the first to admit that us girls at BornThree do love our meat and there’s nothing better than a good ‘ol braai any day of the week really, but with that said….do we really know what it’s doing to our bodies?? And without sounding too holier than thou, do we know what our meat eating tendencies are actually doing to the planet?? But I think the latter is a whole other issue for a whole other story…haha. So we’ve now ¬†decided that we’re going to commit every Monday of the week to being a “Meat Free Monday” and we’re really excited about that because there’s SO many amazing restaurants and incredible home cooked recipes for meat free meals that will absolutely blow your mind¬†ūüôā

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For those of you who don’t know me all that well, I have to tell you that I’m absolutely obsessed with all things fashion. Clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and great hair….you name it~ I¬†LOVE IT!¬†They all form key parts to creating the perfect look and when you have the nack of putting them all together like you’ve been hit with the magic wand of a Hollywood stylist then you probably deserve a spot at New York Fashion Week ~ haha!

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