Light Mask therapy is a treatment for the face using a LED light mask which uses combined visible light (red and blue) and invisible infra-red light (pink). We found this amazing gem of a skin treatment at the Libi Roos Skin Care boutique in Cape Town and were so excited when the day came that she could fit us all in. Straight off the bat Libi went through all the benefits of the light treatments with us. We then each had individual consultations so Libi could determine what each of us needed in terms of treatment according to our specific skin types and worries.

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When I saw the Bomber jacket trending on the international fashion scene, I knew I had to have one.

I found this absolutely gorgeous one at Zara and what I really love about it is the intricate embroidery detail on the front and back. It gives the jacket such a nice vintage feel which I’m totally obsessed with.

Wear it a little more casual for daytime or a tad dressed up for a night on the town…..either way you’re bound to be a knockout!






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I knew before I left South Africa that I would be eating my way through Australia, Masterchef-Style and quite frankly that is exactly what I did…

I have a very healthy relationship with food… well, love affair rather. I am in my happy place when I have myself surrounded by plates of (great) food, good company and a great vino.

The beauty of what Australia has mastered is their food philosophy. Urbanology of food, so to speak. These brilliant little cafes and restaurants you find hidden down alleys that you either find because a local has recommended it or you take the risk of walking into the unknown… Food is creative, seasonal with small menus and a whole lot of passion. Cool, alternative style music is played that makes you want to sit all day from brunch through to dinner sipping latte then cider then wine. I would, mind you, if it didn’t mean I couldn’t walk the streets to further experience the next alley or café or gallery…


I especially love the Asian influence on their food, gorgeous, fresh flavours. Australian food, I feel, isn’t one of any one thing but more an influence of the world.

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About Us

Starting our own blog has been something we have wanted to do for a very long time. And when we say blog we don’t mean that we’re going to try and attempt long paragraphs of creative journalism excellence (because trust me none of us have a truly inspired way with words ~ ha ha) but rather a space where we can share great stories about all the moments of inspiration and the tiniest of things that make us tick.

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So we all know that sheer panic one feels when the days start getting ever so slightly warmer and the clothes we need to start wearing in our wardrobe start showing a little more skin… means….SUMMER IS COMING! I tell myself every year that I’m going to do things differently, get my summer body ready in winter blah blah and always seem to land up wishing I’d stuck to my plan a tad more ~ haha! But then I remind myself not to panic.

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